Vibhuti Narayan Mishra bhabi ji ghar par he Horoscope From 0 to Hero how?


He started career as a Small screen play artist and Theaters and struggled hard to get his success in life .Aasif Sheikh is an Indian film, stage, and television actor. He spend his child hood in Uttarpradesh he is well known actor his comic role in “Bhabi ji Ghar Pe He” made him popular .But was easy for him to achieve success.

Virgo Lagna and cancer Rasi

Ascendant Lord and 10th lord in 4th house 7th Dristi on 10th own house.Lord of 12th 3rd & 8 in 4th house with mercury there are two lord Sun the 12th lord and Mars lord of 3rd and 8th in 4th is Malefic for this Ascendant.

Now lets see 5th house of The native, in 5th house Lord of 9 (Fortune) and 2nd (wealth,family etc) joined with 5th lord Saturn own sign in capricon, this is a Raaj yoga in Laxmi sthan.

Saturn’s 3rd dristi on 7th house ,7th on 11 and 10th dristi on 2nd house in ucha sign very good connection regarding money matter. No Malefic dristi on 5th 2nd and 11th houses.

Moreover lord of 11th (house of gain,income,friends) is in own sign giving Dristi on 5th house form 11th house ,Making this Raaj yoga more Powerful.these combination made Aasif Sheikh is Rich person .

Venus is karak of creativity and 5th house is also represent the same this is is good combination for work related to art,paint,business,etc. Aasif Sheikh is very creative actor we all know this .And His comic timing is excellent as 2nd lord (voice) is shuv.

Since Venus+5rd and 11th lord favorable for the native this is good combination for

education in Business,Public Relationship,bank, etc. This is also good regarding children Aasif Sheikh will get happiness from the side of children too. His children will make him proud.

Jupiter is placed in 7thhouse and in kendradhipati dosa. And 7th dristi in lagna. But it strong in Navamsha so benefit result can be seen. Rahu is placed in 10th house (of name,fame,Recognition) capable of giving name in society and Mars Venus Rahu In Pushkaramsa.This is making chart more stable.Regarding career in Acting which will expand in coming future.


His chart shows struggles and obstacles in Life .

See the 4rth house Malefic planets is placed there the house of Mind,Homeland,Mother,Happiness etc and aspect on 10th house of career .Aasif Sheikh had faced problems in his early life before becoming an Actor and getting Recognition in society. He had work very hard to achieve this position in life.


Lets come to D-9 (Navamsa) chart

His is very fortunate because:

1.Placement of Venus in own sign in 2nd house (house of wealth,family,voice etc) in Navamsa chart is showing the strength of Venus .

2.Jupiter in own sign in the house of Fortune in navamsa chart and in Rasi chart in own 7th house.

3.Mars is in Vargotama strong enough to fight obstacles of life and become winner.

4.sun in own sign in 5th house (of Fame) in navamsha chart a person with positive soul.

Navamsha chart of this Native is powerful. A person with strong Navamsa is great person and achieves goal in Life.

Note that Mars Venus Rahu In Pushkaramsa is his horoscope. Planets in Pushkaramsa play very important role in life. planets in this Amsa is Shuv and Gives good result. Rahu in 10th house will make him unstoppable and he will continue work and get gain form it.



He was struggling in Film industry to find recognition and during Mercury and Jupiter Mahadasa 1995 he got Selected for Movie Karan Arjun And movie did well and thus he got Name in industries. He struggled almost more than 10 year to get name in Film industry.

After two year he Got another Break in movie Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya in 1997 when he was Running Mercury Mahadasa and Saturn anterdasa Saturn is well placed in Birthchart .

In 1998 he also got a role in Bandhan in Mercury Saturn Dasa In 1999 he got Haseena Maan Jaayegi during Mercury -Saturn Dasa he got Recognition in Film Industry.

In 2001 when Ketu Mahadasa and Sun anter dasa was running he did dewana movie and in Ketu mahadasa and Moon anter dasa he Did Jodi No 1

He become more popular in 2015 in Venus mahadasa and Rahu anter. He won ITA Award for Best Actor in a Comic Role (Vibhuti Narayan Mishra) for Bhabi Ji ghar pe He in 2016

He again won ITA words in 2018 During Venus and Jupiter Mahadasa currently Shuv venus Mahadasa is Running and Navamsha is storng ,Aasif Sheikh will get more success in coming year .venus is running from 2006 till 2026 and this is golden period for him.


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