The Lord of Third house In Various Houses In Vedic Astrology


The Effect of the Third Lord in the 1st House

3rd lord is in the Ascendant, the native is likely to be a self sufficient and self made person. They tend to be attracted to fine arts & will be drawn to acting, music. Ascendant is 11th from 3rd house so this is good 3-11 yoga for effort and gain .If the 11th Lord is aspecting Lagna then native will earn more than Loss.


The Effect of the Third Lord in the 2nd House:

3rd Lord in 2nd house which is 12th from 3rd house so loss of things related to 3rd house.Native will be Lazy not so Social and may be living away from Brothers/sisters if have any. Neighbors will talk bad about him. Native will be alone and will not put effort on works and thus suffered from mental tensions.


The Effect of the Third Lord in the 3rd House:

3rd lord is in the 3rd, the native will have the company of brothers & sisters. Native will get help from them and native likes to travels and have friends and The native have connection in Media. He is good author and and a good journalist. concentration power is very good and get bunch of Academic success.


The Effect of the Third Lord in the 4th House:

Since the 3rd lord is in the 4th, the native will have conveyances. He will be wealthy. spouse will be working in government or in private sector. Native may have more than two living houses or rented house.3rd house is malefic so some bad effect will be there relation with mother may be average.


The Effect of the Third Lord in the 5th House:

3rd lord in 5th house native will be creative. very analytical mind . If malefic affect than native will have no interest in Studies fickle minded and wondering all the time. They become enter-pruner and inspire others. If 3rd lord is beatific then native get success in love matters and If malefic then argument will be there. He may choose career in body-building,sports.


The Effect of the Third Lord in the 6th House:

3rd lord is in the 6th, it will be difficult for the native to maintain good relationships with brothers, sisters and uncle his mind will ill and will talk ill about about own family. Native mind will be tensed by Enemies. Native may not think properly and if he/she takes Loan then problem may be arise in Life.If the 3rd lord is moon and conjunct rahu then he may have sick mind.


The Effect of the Third Lord in the 7th House:

3rd lord is in the 7th, it is better for the native to be an employee than a businessman he have start business later in life. If the 3rd lord is mercury and situated in 7th then marriage life may be disturbed.7 house is 9th from 3rd house so spouse of the native will be Religious. If Jupiter or Venus is giving Dristi on 3rd Lord in 7th house than native may be working in Technology company in Product Head.


The Effect of the Third Lord in the 8th House:

3rd Lord in 8 house is not welcome as it will give dristi on 2nd house marak sthan. Native may have criminal mind and he may have connection with underworlds. If mercury is 3rd lord and situated in 8th house than this is best Vipirita Rajyoga.if benefice placed with mercury than no Rajyoga.If 3rd lord is exalted in 8 house than native will be a good journalist and better understanding of things.


The Effect of the Third Lord in the 9th House:

3rd Lord in 9th house is good for Their brothers/sister they may have good reputation in society. Native will visit Religious places if 3rd lord Malefic than native will be orthodox. Since 3rd lord is giving Dristi in 3rd own house so good things related to 3rd house is saved. He may fall in love with Tourist and involved in sexual pleasure.


The Effect of the Third Lord in the 10th House:

The native will be self-sufficient and self-made person. Their profession may be as travelers,journalist,teacher,technology etc . Almost all the brothers become successful and they will help the native. Native will gain in profession life if 10th lord conjucted with 3rd then this combination will take native High rank. They attain good name in their profession life.


The Effect of the Third Lord in the 11th House:

One of the best placement for the 3rd lord now the native will attain all things in his life with effort.He will be intelligent and a businessman will invest in share market and get gain from it.he will be rich and prosper in life. Good relations with elder and friends he will be in social work.


The Effect of the Third Lord in the 12th House:

Native may be travel a lot in foreign land. He/she will be noble person and will do charity work .A person with saint mind and can live away for inner peace and mind . He may get settled in foreign land.Leaving in away from Homeland a kind of loss,loss of Parent and siblings but in good way . Now if 3rd lord is Malefic then native put effort he do not get anythings in return. If 3rd lord badly placed then he may go to jail.

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