Rhea Chakraborty Horoscope Analysis -What is in Her Horoscope ?

Rhea Chakraborty

Rhea Chakraborty


Rhea Chakraborty Horoscope Analysis -What is in Her Horoscope


Virgo Lagna Mithuna Rashi and Punarvasu Nakhastra

Ascendant Lord in and 10th lord in 11house in Nakshatra of Saturn
2nd and bhagyesh is in 10th house in friend house in the Nakhsatra of jupiter
3rd lord and 8th lord mars in own house in Bharani Nakhstra Lord venus
4th lord 7th house lord is Jupiter and placed in 12th house in Leo Purbaphalguni
 5th and six lord saturn in own house Is Retrograde in Dhanistha Nakshatra
 11th lord moon in 10th house in Jupiter nakshatra


See the Rasi chart:

Since the ascendant lord in 11th house she will be gain in all field and jatika get help from her friends and exchange between 11 and 10 friend will help her in career related things as 10 is involved.


Moreover Lord of Ascendant Aspecting 5th house from 11th and 5th house in own house makes this jatika very Intelligent .Mercury in Saturn Nakhastra making it strong connection with 5th house & 6th house.
Venus+sun+moon+ketu is in 10th house ( house of career)More than three planets in there ,wealth lord and Bhagya lord in 10th with 11th lord is creating a powerful dhan yoga exchange between 11th and 10th is an another dhan yoga. This yoga gave this jatika name fame In Life.


But ketu debilitated in 10th house and Rahu nich dristi on 10th house and 12th lord in 10th house making things wrong for this jatika. Rahu dristi on Sun+moon is not good for her.Moreover Rahu in mool Nakhtra and ketu in Mrigshira giving her ill fame in society.

6 th lord is Saturn and aspecting 7th house ( of Relationships, business) also giving dristi in 11th house and in 2nd house in his ucha Rasi.This chart is very strong Regarding money matters. Connection with mars rahu ketu not giving prosperity in her life .Jupiter is the lord of Relationship in house of Loss
Venus in Jupiter’s Nakhatra and Jupiter in venus Nakshatra, exchange of Nakshatra between career house and House of Loss. Good Thing is Jupiter in vargottama.



In d-9:

chart moon conjuncted with rahu and ketu in 8th house ,sun in enemy sign in upachaya house aspected by Saturn and Relationship house is in Papkartari Yoga as it is between Mars and Ketu .In navamsa Jupiter with Saturn in leo sign aspected by sun.


In Rasi chart:

come to 8th house 8th lord in 8th house will give long life to this jatika .From 8th mars giving dristi on 11th house and 7th aspect on 2nd house 8th aspect on own 3rd house .This jatika is not dull in Nature she very energetic
Mercury is influenced by saturn mars and moon by nature both are Malefic.Moreover saturn’s mool-trikona rasi fall in 6th of court case hospitals service loan etc.Mercury in the sign in cancer and making this jatika very emotional.Venus connection with rahu+ketu+12th house also giving ill fame in profession .In d9 Venus in Mesh Rasi and Aspected by Mars from 6th house.



Look at the d10 chart:

Leo is Rising in Acendant and sun in 4th house in friendly sign giving dristi in 10th house from 4th house This is good for help from Government. Ketu in Lagna aspected by Rahu+moon from house of Partnership, business. In d10 chart two planet is Debilitated Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter is in 6th house in the house of Saturn and Saturn in 9th house in Mars house. Jupiter giving nich drishti in 2nd house (wealth) 10th (career) and own house in 12 house. Saturn is giving nich dristi in on mercury ,mars and Jupiter.

Business house is afflicted by Rahu+Moon and business Lord Saturn in Debilitation .Mercury is in own house but aspected by Debilitated Saturn .Karka for Business is Jupiter and is nich in 6th house.
Mars is yogkarak for this Kundali it is in 3rd house and giving 4th Dristi on Jupiter 7th dristi on Saturn and 8th in 10th house .Venus is 10th lord (house of career) in 5th house in jupiter house.This is why this jatika is suffering in business and partnership.


Analysis of Arudha Lagna:

We can see the Al Lagna is occupied by sun and dristi in 10th house giving fame. But Al lagna is 12th from Arudha Lagna loss regarding fame. Al is join by A7+A8 house of partnership and Obstacles.4th house from Al conjucted by A3+A4+A5 but Rahu+moon and Al 4rth lord is debilitated is confirming that she will suffer in Business related things.
See the A10 (name,fame,support from gov etc) fall in 12th house and its Lord is Debilitated again in 3rd of Al.
A11 fall in 8th house of Rasi chart and A11 lord is debilitated in 6th house in Rasi chart.



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