Power of Navamsa D9 , south Indian Actress Anushka Shetty d9?

Power of Navamsa D9 , south Indian Actress Anushka Shetty d9?

Navamsa chart is very important sub-divisional chart of Indian Astrology.Namasa is very popular in south-india .Many astrologers thinks that Navamsa is similar to birth-chart where many thinks Navamsa is more important than Rasi chart.

Navamsa 1st is 0° to 3°20’
2nd 3°20ʹ-6°40’
3rd 6°40’-10°
4th 10°-13°20’
5th 13°20’-16°40’
6th 16°40’-20°
7th 20°-23°20’
8th 23°20’-26°40’
9th 26°40’-30’

Navamsa is most important out of 16 vargas.A planet Debilitated in Rasi but Exalted in Navamsa gives good result. In Vimshopak Navamsa get 5 point out of 20 and whereas Rasi gets 6 and D3- gets 4,D-12 gets 2 and D-30 gets 1 point.Rasi chart is Body and Navamsa is support of that body. If the Navamsa is Weak then the Rasichart get weak. But if a planet is Exalted in Rasi and Debilitated in Navamsa then this is also give Good Result(This is not that powerful). Navamsa is seen for strength of the planets . Native is fortunate when the lagna is Vargottam it gives native long-lasting name and fame if other planets in shubh-Navamsa.


Planets in Shubh houses i.e 1,4,7,10, is considered as shubh confer success Planets in 9,5, Good deed of past life In 11th house good for Gain. Planets in Vargottam provides Good Results it is conceder as Exalted and Planets in Pushkaramsa provides success in Life and High position in Life or High Status. Some astrologer take Navamsa for analysis of Nature or character. A Vargottam Venus with less than 20 bindu in House of bed, desire, loss, makes connection with bad women and also makes alcoholic as Pisces is watery sign.
A native born with Jupiter in Kendra i.e 1,4,7, and 10 th or in Trikona house in Pushkara Navamsa is consider very fortunate and Wealthy person. Same Jupiter in fall or in dushtahan sthan then the native suffer from Health and obstacles in Life .


Results of Vargottam/Exalted planets:

Moon Vargottam/ Exalted:
If the moon is Vargottam then the native will enjoys good memory and peace in mind, good desires and achievement of desires. Good public Relationship.

Sun Vargottam/Exalted:
Good soul and get award from government and do charity work.

Mars Vargottam/ Exalted:
Physical strength, A sport person, Yoga, and make Native brave.

Mercury Vargottam/ Exalted:
Good intellectual, sharp memory, Good trader, A corporate Leader.

Venus In Vargottam/ Exalted:
Knowledge in Astrology enjoys Luxury Life and Good Spouse, Spiritual knowledge.

Saturn Vargottam/ Exalted:
Longevity, thinks twice before doing anything ,if connection with 8th a good researcher.
Jupiter Vargottam/ Exalted:
Very intelligent, good mind & soul, knowledge in Religion ,yoga etc.

Rahu in Vargottam:
Confer rank and worldwide success, travel to foreign land ,

Ketu in Vargottam:
A saint, good heart, Lives alone and searching for peace in Life, A good spiritual Leader.

Navamsa Also seen for Marriage:

Navamsa lord in Benefic provides good result if it is in malefic or debilitated then native suffer in marriage.2nd house of family 2nd lord or malefic in 2nd house may break the relationship
3rd is 8th from 8th house so danger/life to marriage .4th house is mental peace and family life if the 4rth lord is benefic then native may enjoys a good marriage life.5th house is kona and it is 11th from 7th house so gain of marriage .6th is 12th from 7th house loss of 7th houses related things if not benefic or conjunction with malefic planets.7th house partner house or spouse exalted venus gives good spouse with moral in life.8th house is 2nd form 7th house exalted Saturn here gives money from in-laws family.7th lord in 9th a spouse good regarding fortune after marriage.
10th house also represent happiness and it is house of Mother-in-low .11th lord gives good for business with spouse. Exalted 12th lord good for bed pleasure.


Lets Take An Example:

Anushka Shetty south Indian Actress

Capricorn Lagna and Kumbh Rasi

1. Lagna Lord Saturn in 9th house (house of Fortune, long-distance travel, religion, philosophy etc)
2. Lagna is In Pushkaramsa and Rahu and Moon also in Pushkaramsa
3. Mercury and Jupiter in Planetary war and Mercury wins (is the 9th lord)
Sun is Debilitated in 10th in Rasi char but exalted in Navamsa 2nd house, giving Neechbhang Rajyoga.

In 2009-2010 her movie did well and got Name in South Industry it was Blockbuster during Saturn Mahadasa and Sun Antardasa

From 2011 to 2016 She was under Saturn Mahadasa and
Moon ,Mars,Rahu Antardasa

From 2017-2019 she was under
Saturn Mahadasa and Jupiter Mahadasa
Mercury is placed with Vargottam Jupiter and aspected by Exalted sun is
Good Regarding Decisions Making, Name, fame Public Relationship, writing, Mathematician, etc
From 2019 to 2036 she will be under Mercury Mahadasa
She will achieve more in Mercury Mahadasa. From 2019 -2021 is good
Time for. In 2023-2026 she will again give blockbuster movie.

In Navamsa
1. Ketu is Vargottam
2. Rahu is Vargottam
3. Sun is exalted
4. Mercury is Vargottam
5. Jupiter is Vargottam
6. Mars is in Vargottam
There are 6th planets which is Vargottam giving rise to Fortune.

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