Neechbhang and Vipirita Raj yoga in Indian Astrology

You may have heard that you have raj yoga in your birhchart . you may be happy but How many of you know that how Neechbhang and viprita raj yoga works. Every chart have some kind of Rajyogas but not all rajyoga will work for various reasons .Rajyogas does not mean a yoga that can make you raja most native think this way and this is wrong. A raj yoga can make you Raja but not always.A raj yoga mean some good things in your chart it can be a rajyoga that will give you work in bank clerk and a rajyoga can give you a good position as Manager of the bank both have rajyogas but both native doing different work in same bank.There is another Rajyoga that some software provide these rajyogas is useless most people use them for prediction of raj yoga without knowledge in astrology.

What is Neechbhang &  vipirita raj yoga: when debilitation of planet gets cancelled is called Neechbhang. A trik house lord placement in another trik house is considered as vipirita Raj yoga. There are many types of Neechbhang raj yoga and vipirita Raj yoga exist in astrology.


Planet  Exaltation   Debilitated
Sun        Aries    Libra
Moon    Taurus  Scorpio
Mars      Capricorn  Cancer
Mercury   Virgo  Pisces
Jupiter    Cancer Capricorn
Venus     Pisces Virgo
Saturn     Libra  Aries
Rahu   Gemini/Taurus Sagittarius/Scorpio
Ketu   Sagittarius/Scorpio Gemini/pieces
Rahu and Ketu planets Exaltation & Debilitation have different point of views


Best Neechbhang raj yoga is when planet is debilitated in Rasi but Exalted in D-9 and placement is good in Vargas. This work perfect

1. Sun gets debilitated Libra sign if sun is exalted in arise in d9 then it is Neechbhang raj yoga

I am taking some planets examples here applicable for all debilitated planets
2. Sun and Venus in same sign Libra
3. Debilitated sun is aspected by strong Venus
4. Debilitated sun is aspected by exalted planet
5. Libra sign lord Venus is placed in Kendra from Moon chart or lagna chart
6. Exchange between two Shubh planets /house also create Neechbhang mercury in Venus house and Venus in Virgo sign
7. saturn is in arise in 10th house and Mars is placed in 7th house then Saturn get Neechbhang.
8. Mars and Moon placed in 4th house in Cancer sign.
9.jupiter is in Capricorn in 8th house and Moon dristi on Jupiter from 2nd house
10. Mercury in pieces in lagna and dristi by Jupiter from 7th house.


A Neechbhang Raj yoga Is not that it will give always good result from starting of the dasa .A neech planet does it work before giving good result. if Jupiter is placed in Capricorn and if it get cancelled does not mean that it will give good result only, it will give grief, difficulties, mean mind ,wrong direction etc. after that if mars or Saturn is benefic then will fight with all problems in life and will get success.

Cancellation of Neechbhang Raj yoga:
If the owner sign lord is weak in Vargas then Neechbhang get cancelled
If the debilitated planet is aspected by a malefic planet then it produces a weak Neechbhang yoga.
If the Neechbhang raj yoga is present in birth-chart but there is kemdrum
Then native may not feel the yoga
If there is Papkartari yoga in horoscope then it can make weak yoga.


Vipirita Raj yoga:
And for Vipirita Raj yoga (a) 6th lord in 8th,12, or in 8th house (b)8 lord in 6,or12 (c)12th lord in 6,8th house or exchange between these house and these yoga best work if planet is Saturn, mars, rahu or sun because this planets are by nature malefic so this create excellent vipirita Raj yoga. Jupiter or mercury also do the same but they create less powerful Raj yoga than these malefic planets. In vipirita Raj yoga if 8th house is connected then it will give rise after loss of something like break in career, education or in relationship. This raj yoga is good for fighting against enemy. A native with these combination good for researchers, army, doctors etc.

For Aries lagna mercury is malefic as 3rd and 6th lord placed in 3rd house or 6th house creates beautiful vipirita Raj-yoga
For Taurus lagna Jupiter in 8th,11th, 6th or in 12th house create vipirita Rajyoga.
For Gemini lagna Mars in 6th 11th or in 3rd house
Placement of sun in 11th house creates excellent vipirita yoga.
Cancer lagna mercury is malefic planet placement in 3rd house or in 12 or in 6th house create good yoga.
For Leo lagna moon placement in 12 house or 10th house good yog for foreign connection .
Cancellation of vipirita Raj yoga :
When trik lord is in a trik house or own house and if benefic planets giving dristi on them or placed with the malefic planet then vipirita raj-yoga will get cancelled.
Before coming to any conclusions see the strength of the planets and its placements in Vargas.


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