Misconceptions about rahu and ketu and saturn


Little Story about rahu & Ketu

 After Samudramanthana distribution Amrita was being distributed among  the god first

After a long Arguments between Daemons and God all agreed that Amrita will be served to God first. Mohini was serving the Ammrita at that time Swarabhanu sits between Gods as disguise God and took some Amrita unfortunately Sun & Moon came to know that this is a Daemon is God’s Appreance. Then vishnu took his Sudarshana Chakra and cut the head of Swarabhanu but tsome drop of Amrita has gone into his throught.

This is how Rahu with Head and Ketu with Tail born and they become Mortal.

In Galaxy There are only 7 planets That is Sun,Moon,Mars,,Mercury.Jupiter,Venus & Saturn.

But in Indian Astrology we have 9 planets Two Rahu and Ketu without physical Existence.

Rahu & Ketu is Shadow planets.Rahu acts Like Saturn and Ketu acts Mars.Rahu and ketu 180 deg away from each other.

Rahu & Ketu always In Retrogate Motion

Rahu is a liar try to cheat ,always want something ,no one can fulfill his desire.A bad politician a person with black mind . Ketu Makes mother sick,ketu most of the time create health and Finance problems.Saturn mahadasa is Running you will be punished by Lord Saturn etc This is all we have Learned about Rahu,Ketu & Saturn

On Day i  was watching Tv an Astrology program On-Air What astrologer said was shocking for me “He said someone, “Your Moon is Retro-gate”


In Reality to find about Rahu,ketu and Saturn

we need to understand the birth-chart first .Even nobody talk about Jupiter that can Damage your life.Jupiter is pure Rahu is Unpure that what we have heard.This is now how Astrology work.In shahtra it is clearly Mentioned that Rahu ketu Saturn can not only give someone Tough life but It can also Make your Life Smooth and Happy.

A planet good or bad depend on many factors a good strong planet whether it is Saturn,rahu or ketu gives Good Result

Rahu ketu in kendra always welcome in 9th house Rahu can make a person Religious,Traveler,can visit foreign land A Mahadasa can not harm you until the anterdasa is also weak.

Rahu+Mars or ketu+Mars created a havoc threat to all have this combination.This combination can make a doctor a surgeona Engineering,sat+mars may take chemical Eng.sat+rahu have power to create Rajyoga .


There is another threat

Rahu+moon or Sat+Moon Rahu+sun

if a chart have this combination does that he/or do bad work or create problem in Family.The answer is no.By conjunction these two planets do not create bad but also good yoga in a Horoscope.

Sun can create problem in your life Alone Moon also can do the same without Rahu,ketu or Saturn.

Grahan dosa wil give bad effect if the planets is not strong or in Enemy sign,Debilitated in Navamsha.

Rahu is very cleaver Ketu know how to settle down problem in life Saturn can hide things Mars gives command

saturn+mars can a person working 12hours in a day to earn something do not get tired Easily.

Rahu+moon in 10 create Rajyoga If both are Benefice

Rahu+saturn can give Unearned money may be Lottery

Rahu+Sun can make life prosper .

Mars+Rahu/ketu/sat-can make a Army man who may be working in Raw

Rahu strong in Taurus and Gemini Ketu in Scorpio and Sagittarius

If Saturn placement is good in someone’s chart then it will give name,fame,Good Health,Long-life and have a Happy family same for Rahu and Ketu


Rahu ketu Saturn are not bad planets they have bad reputation which was created by some astrologer.If someone want to live in this world need this three planets.Why because Saturn is Law ,Rahu is Clearer Ketu is Salvation Mokhsa.Saturn+Rahu in 8th bhava may be a good Researcher. If Moon is Exalted in Birth-chart Then may be an Scientist.

Saturn in 10th house own house is good for Career.

The problem Saturn with Rahu is Rahu want thing to do fast but Saturn is very patiens he want to do the work after a Research so that the Result will be good.Rahu is like just do it and forget.

Placement of planets in Horoscope tell the true story about Saturn,rahu or ketu whether they will be fruitful or Bitter.

Lagna Lord is very important if it is Weak then no matter how strong Raajyoga is it will be destroyed .Take Lagna lord First because this is You(Lagna).

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