Lagna Lord or The Ascendant Lord In Various Houses

The Ascendant lord in the Ascendant/or In Lagna:

If the ascendant lord is in the ascendant itself, the native will be famous .Endowed with material happiness .The native will get good Health and wealth be bestowed with fame & wealth. They will have a charming personality


The Ascendant 1st lord in the 2nd Second House Dhan Bhava:

They will be happiness in family .communication abilities will be his skill and  will earn money by own effort and will remove obstacles in life .he/she will be spiritual and religious by nature.


The Ascendant Lord or 1st lord in the 3nd Third House:

Since the lord of the ascendant is in the 3rd house, the native’s outrages. Native will be brave and will put effort to get what he want. Native may travel to long distance for long or short time . Relationship with brother or sister will be good and both will live happy life. He/she can become a musician an Teacher.

The Ascendant or 1st lord in the 4rh Forth House:

As Lagna lord in 4th house in Kendra Native may have born in Good family with all Goods and Wealth .Relation between Mother and Native will be very polite and caring .There will be peace in Mind and Family. They will be blessed with house and conveyances. They may have a good house with all comforts. Lagna lord here create good numbers of Friends & Native will be intelligent .

The Ascendant or 1st lord in the 5rh Fifth House:

Ascendant lord in the 5th, fame will come to the native by its own. Native will be intelligent. If theyuse their intellect they can be lucky in investment/she do well in academic .Can make money in stock market share market may gain successful be Religious.

The Ascendant or 1st lord in the 6 Six House:

6th house is bad house Lagna lord here not welcome if it not its own /Friends or Exaltation sign.Lagna lord here will disturbed native Health and Wealth.native may face obstacles in life path.Problem with Maternal -uncle,If lagna lord is strongly placed Then native will get Good services like army,police,jail,hospital etc.

The Ascendant or 1st lord in the 7th seven House:

Lagna lord in 7th house makes native cleaver Relations with partner will be good. Native is a Businessmind person. This native do not trust peoples easily they think twice before taking any deal. Native get intelligent Spouse. Sometimes they become moody and create problem in relationships. They may travel long distance places.

The Ascendant or Lagna Lord 1st lord in the 8 Eight House:

Ascendant lord is in the 8th the native will be a scholar with excellent academic. They will have to be careful about their health. They should avoid gambling & speculation. Interest in occultism. They get false litigation and do not like to live with family they like alone place. They do not get things easily.This is good house for Astrologer,Researcher,Spy-agent. Native may get things after Loss of someone’s.


The Ascendant lord or Lagna Lord  in the 9 Ninth House:

Since the native’s ascendant lord is in the 9th they will be fortunate as regards luck both material and spiritual. The native is Fortunate and will follow good path and will travel various places Native get excellent Education he/she may be a PhD Holder in philosophy. This native will give shape To his Luck by own hand. Foreign Travel will be there and will get all comfort in Life.They can build Temples,ponds, and do charity .


The Ascendant lord or Lagna Lord  in the 10 Ten House:

Ascendant lord in the 10th is excellent for fame in the Career. Native will get power and command .He will be posted in High Rank in Career. Professional life will be very good and there will be success in Life. Native will achieve the Goal. They will grow up in the right direction only.


The Ascendant lord or Lagna Lord  in the 11th  Eleventh House:

This is good combination for native to gain in Life. Lagna Lord in 11th house will give wealth and native will be never out of wealth. Businesses will run successfully and native achieves in Education,work, in all Area. Relation with Elder Brother will be good. Gain for children also there.


The Ascendant lord or Lagna Lord 1st lord in the 12 Twelfth Houses:

Native will loss more than he/she earn. They have to be very careful in health. Native may be live out side of its Country or Birthplace may be hospitalized for accident,surgery etc. He may be get jailed for doing Unlawful Work .Gambling taking alcohol will be curse for the native. If planet is strong they native will get benefice effect regarding 12th house. There will be Many Foreign travel for Earning and he/she can settled there.

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