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  1. prediction on Basis of Rasi Chart,

    Time-2:45 pm
    Place of Birth:Ranchi

    Mesh Lagna Mesh Rashi LagnaPati Exalted in 10th house with debilitated Jupiter
    and with venus .10 lord and gain lord in house of loss is retrogate.House of competitive exam
    lord in bhgya sthana and also retrogate aspecting own house (house of effort).
    you have good chart .Since bhagyapati is debilitated and saturn in 12th house and 9th
    house has malefic mercury, you are facing obstacle in your life .

    You are currently running Moon mahadasa and and you are running good time.
    After end of 2021 you have good chance of job.

    Durga Mantra and Shani dev Mantra beneficial for you.

    For career d9&d10 is also important not available in free plan.Thanku

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