The 10th house is considered the main house of profession Life .

One need to take 10th house with Lagna Lord.Ten House should be analysis to get clear pictures about career fields.And this is the best way to predict about career .There are other Divisional Chart which is connected to 10 house of profession.

Planetary strength and weakness effect once career.Placement of 10th Lord in 3 rd house can give career In Call center,Railways,Traveling,Writing depend on condition of planet  and Sign. At the same time it can give different career filed.

In modern time there are vast number of job opportunities available in world.One need to be very careful before prediction about career.A Venus in 10th house does not mean he/she will be actor Career may be in Software Egg or may be an Fashion Designer.

In Astrology Sun is seen for Gov related job. Moon Is state gov job,Saturn is seen for career .Astrology can help to choose a better career filed.For Running successful Business Astrology  can be use as a Tool  determine which type of business will suit someone.



10th house is house of career Name,fame a strong 10th house give rise to career but weak house create breakes in path of career.6th house is service 7th house for business 4th is for mind 3rd effort.
Strong Sun+mercury in 10th house may give name in society. If it is Exalted then the Name become fame worldwide.
Strong sun/Saturn/Jupiter/moon/venus in 10th house may give career in government sector.

Arise Lagna and lagna lord in 5th house in friend’s house and 4th lord in Lagna creating Raaj yoga .5th lord sun in 9th house with ketu aspectedby Rahu
venus is 2nd (earn) and 7th (Travel) lord in 4th (mind) house aspect on  10th house ,and 10th lord Saturn in 8th house ,house of break,research ,coal, mining,spy etc
From 8th house Saturn 3rd aspect on own 10th house giving life to 10th house
12 house lord Jupiter in 6th house and giving 5th aspects on 10th house and 7th aspect on 12th own house.

Lagna and Lagna lord strong
9th lord is in 6 uppachaya house which is 10th from 9th house. Jupiter is lord of Foreign land and Long distance travel(9th lord). Rahu is exalted in 3rd house karaka for Foreign things. This jataka working in government management sector in foreign country.
4rth house is Birthplace but here 4rth house is in paapkatkari yoga.So this combination is perfect for leaving homeland. During Rahu Dasa He went foreign country.
Note: For success in career Lagna lord should be strong with 10th house and 10th house .Here Lagna is strong , venus,Jupiter and Saturn have drishti on 10th house .

Every 2nd personal is asking this question do I have government job?when I will get government job . Are they really have government job combination or will do private work ,or he may join parents business. In astrology there are 12th house and most important house is lagna.So look at the position of lagna lord and strength ,if it is Debilitated then look If It is cancelled or not .Lagna lord should not be weak for gain in life.
Second most important house is 4th house and moon this is your mind and relations in family if it is afflicted by Ketu or Rahu then native will have no interest in education, if 8th lord in 4th or aspected by 8th or 12th lord then the native will suffer from parental properties disputes or he may face health issues which will create obstacle in his path of education. If mercury or Jupiter aspect this house or placed there then native will gain in education. Connection with 5th house is assures good education.

Next is 6th house this is the house of service, unions, competition and enemies this the house should be strong to defeat enemies and 7th house is native’s opposite so 7th house also play very important role in competitions. It is also possible that spouse may help native to overcome obstacles in career.
9th house is native’s fortune if 9th lord in 8th house then sudden set back in life .9th lord in 6th or 6th lord in 9th house is a good combination for competitive examination.9th lord in own house shows support of fortune for the native and Rise of Fortune.

10th house is the house of career, government, name, fame etc placement of 10 lord in 10th house gives good career ,Lagna lord or 10th lord in 10th house give career in government.10th lord with 6th lord give rise in job if 7th lord in weak, if 7th is also strong then native will choose work related to Management work in government or private sector. And the 11th house of fulfillment if 11th lord is in lagna or in 4th house then this is a strong indication that native’s wish will be fulfilled .If 11th lord with Malefic planets then native will not get desirable result in life.
2nd and 3rd house is the house of voice,face,family and 3rd is seen for effort .during interview native have to use his body to impresses the interviewers. They also see your effort and decision making power to solve the problem given by them.

So every houses Is important if someone want to join army then mars,Saturn,rahu play important role.This also can make native working in arms factory or in engineering under department of army. 12th can give job in government hospital, police etc.

Lets see planets:

Sun is considered as government and if sun is strong then native may get job in government but sun do not give assurance that native will do government job. Placement of sun is in 2nd ,6th,4th ,10th, & 11th house is good if someone is preparing for gov. jobs. If sun in debilitated then native may have to leave gov job for some reasons.for arises lagna Saturn+mars in 10 th house good for government connection.
Jupiter or mercury is also important because it is karka for education ,decision, intellectual ,logic, Reasoning, mathematics etc ,shubh dristi of Mercury or Jupiter is Good for getting job in government.If they aspect on 10th ,4,5th,11th,6th then native may rise in gov.sector . Mercury+sun+Jupiter in lagna then native will be a important person and will make connection with government officers or politicians.

A person with strong Jupiter with mercury and sun Saturn may work in private sector in good position. Mercury+sun in 10th house give name fame,the person may be working as artist, painter, sport person ,if Jupiter is drsiti in 10 then he may be head of an Ngo & do noble work for societies. ketu+Jupiter can make a person good in taking logical decision.

Rahu in 10th house not only give name fame but he is also can give career in a small farms,clerk,bank, labor related work .Venus is seen for a person who is actor or actress this is not true.A strong Saturn can give the same result if the horoscope is supporting for film/media industries. Mercury Jupiter connection with Venus can make a software engineering. Sun can give career in medical, Saturn in mars in 3rd house can give career in Mass media. So holistic birtchart analysis is very important for any decision regarding career.