5th Lord In Various Houses In Indian Astrology

Fifth Lord in the Ascendant or In Lagna:

5th lord is in the Lagna the native will be lucky in investments regarding children & education. They are intelligent and religious .They get success in education archives goal they want. They become popular in villages or in state they live.5th house is house of Laxmi .If the ascendant is Leo and Jupiter in lagna then drishti will be in 5,7,and 9th houses one of the best placement for Jupiter if the lagna is in good position then the native will be rich .

5th Lord in Dhan Bhav:

5th lord in 2nd house makes children career good of the native. Native is lucky enough and become proud father. since 5th lord in 2nd house he will earn by Education. His financial life will be good If Jupiter or Venus is exalted here or in own sign then native will be Rich ,he may travel to many counties. If the native is in government sector then he will represent its country.

5th lord in 3rd house:

5th lord in 3rd house makes a person good in business and have many abilities to handle situations they may take education MBA in HR ,BBA, public relationship or even become Head of call center .Native’s Servants get gain form them and have better support in life. If the 3rd lord in own house or in 9th house then native enjoys life in away from home. Native physical fitness will be good and native may become sports person.

5th lord in 4th house:

4th house is a Kendra house and a Trikon lord in Kendra gives Rajyoga and have native native may have problem with children. If lagna is Cancer and 5t lord in 4th house then native may not focus in studies.5 is Investment and 4rth is lands & property so this native may earn wealth by investing these area.4th is mother and 5th is children so relation between grandmother with native’s children have special connection.


5th Lord in 5th house:

it is in own house so good things can be expected if there are no bad dristi on the house or the planet in5th house. For arise lagna 5th lord is Leo sign and native growth will be like sun in education. If the native is Taurus lagna then mercury here makes person very logical they become good mathematician. If lagna is pieces then he may have emotional connection with education he/she may take education in chemical or in public relationship.


5th in 6 house:

5th lord in 6th can not perform well if not well placed .It is not good regarding children and may be create problem in relations with parent .he do not have faith in religion. Digestive system of the native may suffer if malefic effect is there in 6th house. The native should be careful taking Loan as 5th for education if the placement is good then loan for education get fruit otherwise loss of wealth.


5th in 7 house:

Native become a good business person he become successful after marriage .women will bring luck to the native. Native’s wife is also an educated person and have strong background in family.7th is 3rd from 5 so relations with spouse will be conditional mean native need to put effort in relationship. Native should be careful in education he may get involved in scandals.


5in 8 house:

5th for Education intelligent and 8th for hidden thing related to underground if placement is good then jatak get research mind get successes in life placement is Malefic then native suffer in Education. Break in education is and also in career. Relation will children or the native have to take medical help. The regarding childbirth.


5th in 9 house:

5th lord in 9th fortune house long distance travel house this placement is good as it is Bhavat-Bhavam .If we count 9th from 5th house it will be 5th.so this is very good for Jataka Higher education .He may choose Law filed. Native is fortunate regarding children and visit many places for Education. This combination good for effort in education as placement in 9th house will give Dristi in 3rd house house of effort.


In 10 house:

5th house is Called Laxmi sthan and 10th is profession. It is a good yoga for success in education and profession life native gain in education he is very creative a sports person.5th lord in 10th house will give Dristi on 4th shuk-bhav now if We draw from 5th to 10 and 4th a Line it will become Triangle Which is considered dharma and provide all kind of shukh in home of the native.


In 11th house:

5th in Laxmi and 11 th house is for source of gain friends investment etc. Native have many friends in education have good relationship with professor teachers or with boss. If native is is education then he gets support from teachers. It is also possible that native may found his love there. He do well in Marketing sectors. If Mars in Exalted in 5th house and aspeced by Saturn then native will gain in Technical sector IIT,ITI, etc


In 12 house:

Fifth house is house of Laxmi and 12 house is House of Loss .If 5th lord in own sign or Exalted/friendly sign then native will loss money to gain knowledge in foreign land or far-way from homeland. If malefic then native may be involved in bad habit,gambling,alcohol and thus become poor.

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